Safer Shopping

Sensible Spending

or Buyer, be aware!

  1. Only buy what you can afford.
  2. Make sure you need it.
  3. Don't get carried away.
  4. If you cannot afford it now, make sure it is worth getting yourself into debt.

Control Your Shopping

Before you leave home:

Make a list (see Control Your Needsabove).

Decide your budget.

Make sure you are dressed comfortably.

If you are buying clothes: Set out in clothes which can be slipped on and off easily in dressing rooms.

Make sure you are not hungry.

While you are shopping:

Stick to your list.

Stay within your budget.

Resist temptation.

Avoid buying any item which is not your size.

During Sales:

Buy what you could not otherwise afford: this is the time to choose quality!

Remember your consumer rights do not change during sales.